The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Epoxy

Even if you’ve never heard of epoxy resin or never used it before, for the most part, it’s a no-brainer.

Sure these polymers might seem to have fancy chemical compounds, but using epoxy resin is meant to be easy enough for the average Joe.

Whether you’re a pro or a Joe, as easy as epoxy may be to work with, don’t do anything until you’ve read these do’s and don’ts of using epoxy.

·    DO: Always start by marking small batches, for several reasons: you want the mix to remain the same throughout, warm epoxy sets faster than cold epoxy, and so on.

·    DON’T: Mix Resin A into Resin B, only the other way around (B into A).

·    DO: Only ever use clean buckets to measure and mix your epoxy.

·    DON’T: Under mix or over mix your epoxy; the recommended time to mix it is exactly 3 minutes.

·    DO: Measure as many times as you need for accuracy- there’s nothing worse than a project with inconsistent epoxy, bubbles, etc.

·    DON’T: Apply epoxy to just anything. Although epoxy can be used on many substances, be sure that yours is sound and clean. You wouldn’t want any chemical reactions or other damages to result.

·    DO: Use a power drill for an easy, clean, and thorough way to mix epoxy.

·    DON’T: Stop your application mid-way through. If this happens, be sure to contact professional support.

·    DO: Use professional, top-quality epoxy floor products. These will give you the best results on any project.

·    DON’T: Forget protection! Never handle epoxy without rubber gloves and proper eye protection.

epoxy floor products

·    DO: Dispose of leftover epoxy properly.

·    DON’T: Be afraid to ask questions or seek professional help if you don’t think you can handle the project alone.

·    DO: Clean your skin and any other surfaces that come into contact with epoxy.

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